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Peez # 54 Added by:  purplechicq    
the door
When is a door not a door?
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 82  times
Right answer: 14  times
Peez # 59 Added by:  viveak    
A thief steals a number of diamonds from a palace. When he tries to escape, a man catches him, and asks equal share of diamonds, where one diamond remains with them, and argument starts between them for that single diamond. then another man comes there and asks a share for him. Then they divided into 3, where one diamond remains. Likewise the diamonds were divided for 6 men who came there simultaneously, even then argument raised for single diamond that remained, there. Finally it was equally divided without any diamonds remaining, when divided for 7 persons including the thief. NOW, WHAT WOULD BE THE NUMBER OF DIAMONDS STOLEN BY THE THIEF?
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 76  times
Right answer: 14  times
Peez # 4 Added by:  Peezme    
The three daughters
Two mathematicians met:
" How are you, asked one of them? What about your children? You have three daughters, right? How old are they?"
" Yes, I have three daughters. The product of their ages is 36 and the sum of their ages is equal to the number of windows that this house, in front of you, has."
The first mathematician looked at the house and then said.
"I can`t find it. You didn`t give me enough hint."
"You are right. I forgot to tell you that my oldest daughter is blond."
Then the first mathematician found the ages of the children. Can you find it too?
P.S. Submit the 3 ages like this example: 1 2 4

Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 64  times
Right answer: 7  times
Peez # 55 Added by:  purplechicq    
cat's claws
what is the difference between a cat and a complex sentence?
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 56  times
Right answer: 0  times
Peez # 57 Added by:  viveak    
What is the difference between jailor and jeweller?
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 53  times
Right answer: 0  times
Peez # 62 Added by:  gaurishankargbp    
What The P....???
P represents prime digits. PPP x PP=PPPPP find P.
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 53  times
Right answer: 3  times
Peez # 64 Added by:  mrdoodles    
Misunderstood by the police
A man climbed a ladder to someone's house through the nearest window. He took what was most precious to the family and went outside where the police were waiting. He gave what he took to the police, and the police let him walk away. Why?
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 33  times
Right answer: 0  times
Peez # 67 Added by:  vesa    
went for hunting
2 fathers and two sons go for hunting they hunt three birds and eweryone of them get one bird how i this possible.SORRY IF I HAVE ANY MISTAKE I STILL DONT KNOW ENGLISH VERY WELL!!!
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 27  times
Right answer: 0  times
Peez # 65 Added by:  mrdoodles    
Rotten Eggs
Sam Rottenegger got some free tickets to go and see his least favourite band. Sam, feeling a little unruly, stopped at the corner store so he could bring 1/2 kg of eggs to the concert. The concert was packed and the tunes were so loud that Sam could hardly stand it. He started making his way through the croud when one of the eggs broke in his pocket and ran down the inside of his shirt. Sam squirmed with disgust but thought how great it would be to see that yellow ooze on the band members. It took him 60 grueling minutes to make his way close enough to launch his attack. Sam chucked one right at the bass player but it just bounced of him without breaking. "Odd," Sam thought, but every one of the 4 eggs he threw just landed unbroken. He never got to throw the 5th as security removed Sam promptly. Sam, now half deaf, bruised, battered, and confused looked closely at the egg and noticed it wasn't exactly raw anymore. Frustrated, Sam chucked the egg over his shoulder hitting and Officer who gladly gave him a free nights stay at the Bars Inn. So what happened to the eggs that caused them not to break if they weren't bough raw?
Difficulty level: Very difficult  
Answered: 14  times
Right answer: 0  times
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