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Peez # 22 Added by:  Peezme    
What is the missing number?
What is the missing number?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 269  times
Right answer: 214  times
Peez # 21 Added by:  Peezme    
Missing number in the triangle?
What is the missing number in the triangle?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 148  times
Right answer: 132  times
Peez # 40 Added by:  Peezme    
Nice family
Mary's father has only 5 dauthers. The oldest is named Monday, the second's name is Tuesday, the 3rd is named Wednesday. The 4th is named Thursday. What is the name of the 5th dauther.
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 143  times
Right answer: 114  times
Peez # 37 Added by:  Peezme    
Yellow ball
What is the weight of ONE yellow ball?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 132  times
Right answer: 116  times
Peez # 19 Added by:  Peezme    
The race
If you were running a race, and you passed the person in second place, what place would you be in now?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 125  times
Right answer: 92  times
Peez # 23 Added by:  Peezme    
What is the odd image?
Among those nine images, one is different from the others. Which one it is?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 110  times
Right answer: 89  times
Peez # 45 Added by:  Usagi    
Boiled eggs
If it takes twenty (20) minutes to hard-boil one goose egg, how long will it take to hard-boil four goose eggs?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 105  times
Right answer: 77  times
Peez # 10 Added by:  Peezme    
Two fathers and two sons
Two fathers and two sons are sitting in front of a table. There are four apples on the table. Each one takes an apple. After that, there is one apple left on the table. How many people are sitting in front of the table?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 93  times
Right answer: 70  times
Peez # 47 Added by:  Usagi    
Californian marriage
Can a man in California marry his widow's sister?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 89  times
Right answer: 64  times
Peez # 60 Added by:  kvyas    
Quick calculation
Perform the calculation below as fast as you can, and using only mental arithmetic (so without pen and paper, or a calculator!). Take 1000 and add 40. Add 1000. Add 30 and then add 1000. Add 20. Add 1000 and then add 10. What is the result of this calculation?
Difficulty level: Easy  
Answered: 89  times
Right answer: 66  times
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