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Peez # 8 Added by:  Peezme    
Suits color
A lawyer named White, a doctor named Black and an architect named Blue met in a restaurant. One said: - "My suit is black. Yours are respectively blue and white, but the color of our suits doesn’t match our names." - "You’re right, said White." What is the architect’s suit color?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 273  times
Right answer: 140  times
Peez # 13 Added by:  Peezme    
What is that supreme?
What has 7 letters? It ‘s greater than God. It’s more evil than the Devil. Poor people have it. Rich people needs it . If you eat it, you will die. Can you find what it is?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 212  times
Right answer: 102  times
Peez # 7 Added by:  Peezme    
The cat and the number.
What is the missing number in the cat?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 188  times
Right answer: 83  times
Peez # 25 Added by:  Peezme    
The big blue gallon
What is the weight of the Big Blue gallon?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 183  times
Right answer: 88  times
Peez # 24 Added by:  Peezme    
Elodie's house
Andrew’s house and Billy’s house have the same size. Billy’s and Christine’s have the same color. Christine’s and Debby’s don’t have the same size. Debby’s and Andrew’s don’t have the same color. Elodie and Debby are neighbors. Which one is Elodie’s House.
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 174  times
Right answer: 103  times
Peez # 49 Added by:  Usagi    
A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 of them die. How many sheep are left?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 133  times
Right answer: 83  times
Peez # 35 Added by:  Peezme    
Hard working rabbit
A rabbit can dig a hole of 8 x 8 x 8 meters in 8 days. How many days will it need to dig a hole of 4 x 4 x 4 meters.
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 122  times
Right answer: 53  times
Peez # 46 Added by:  Usagi    
Month trouble
Some months have 31 days. How many have 28?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 115  times
Right answer: 64  times
Peez # 58 Added by:  khaab    
birds on a tree
Seven birds are sitting on a tree. A hunter shoots down three in one shot. How many are left on the tree?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 103  times
Right answer: 57  times
Peez # 52 Added by:  Usagi    
Indian family
A big fat Indian and a small thin Indian were sitting outside a teepee, each smoking a pipe. The little Indian was the son of the big Indian, but the big Indian was not the little Indian's father. Who was the big Indian for the small one?
Difficulty level: Average  
Answered: 102  times
Right answer: 58  times
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